Think video advertising is just for big national ad buys? Think again. Programmatic video advertising is a powerful way for both national brands and small-to-medium sized businesses to reach their target customers. As consumers’ appetite for video surges, our clients of all sizes are following suite. On’s platform, video advertising spend year-over-year from 2016 – 2017 has grown by 81%, exceeding the 75% growth rate for video by 2018 cited by eMarketer. As we wrote about in an earlier blog, consumers have fundamentally shifted the ways in which they consume video. Why? Mostly because it’s so easy. Now we can watch video wherever we are, using whatever device we have handy. Five years ago, the amount of time consumers spent engaging with video suddenly doubled on mobile phones and tripled on tablets. This growth has continued, eMarketer reports, at a rate of about 10% each year. Conversely, over this same period, the amount of time adults spend each day with traditional TV, radio and print has been on the decline. If you think about it, this shift was completely predictable. Research shows that our brains are wired with a bias toward video. An estimated 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text (sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco). Now that videos are more readily assessable, no surprise, advertisers have followed.


Look to any marketing pundit, and you’ll see a dizzying array of statistics highlighting compelling benefits of video advertising. Here’s 10 of our favorites. HOW TO LEVERAGE VIDEO PROGRAMMATICALLY Whether you have significant video assets or you are just beginning to think about video, the question is the same: how can you make video work for you to best reach the right buyer at the right time with the right message? Similar to other marketing efforts, video advertising performs better when it’s holistically layered with multiple targeting tactics. The reason is simple. More data allows us to better understand the user and how to reach that person in the most efficient and effective way – such as showing video ads that resonate with the content they’re already consuming online or targeting based on their physical location. At, this is what we do every day. We apply our platform’s highly-targeted tactics, dynamic audiences with pinpoint precision, real-time optimization and the power of unstructured data to help our clients maximize reach and relevancy for their video campaigns. Are you ready to start up or step up your video programs? We’re here to discuss your opportunity. Reach out to [email protected].