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Audience Optimization

The Full Force Ads Programmatic Platform optimizes your audience in real-time, enabling budgets to be expanded for high performing specific elemental data and reduced for under-performing combinations making your money do more by making more sales are getting more leads. In addition, Full Force Ads Programmatic Platform campaigns can evolve based on:
  •  Search Keywords
  •   Contextual Keywords
  •   CRM Data
  •   IP Data
  •   Dayparting
  •   Frequency Capping
  •   Pacing
  •   Whitelist/Blacklist
  •   Recency Range
  •   Viewability/Ad Position
  •   Elemental Data Overlays
Similar to traditional search marketing, our platform empowers advertisers to bid on individual data elements, such as keywords, specified to the value they are providing–maximizing value and margins for the advertising network.

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