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Advertisers, Agencies, Trading Desks, and Networks use Full Force Ads to drive campaign performance to a higher level and gain deeper audience insights.
By working with unstructured data elements instead of pre-packaged audience segments, you finally can target and optimize around the best-performing parts of your campaign while eliminating those that are underperforming. No more averaging the good with the bad, the old with the new, the performing with the non-performing. Just automatically optimized campaigns combined with performance and insights like you haven’t seen before

What’s Different About Full Force Ads’ Element Level Marketing?

  • Audiences are custom-built using individual data elements, ensuring that you are targeting the precise audience that provides the maximum performance for your campaign.
  • Audiences are optimized on the fly so that campaigns learn and improve over time.
  • Expensive pre-packaged audience segments or contextual categories are eliminated, lowering your costs.
  • We target CRM data with high precision, enabling higher effectiveness and a better customer experience.
  • Full Force Ads' unparalleled data network provides 100% intent-based data at a massive scale.
  • Automated multivariate optimization calculates the value of each ad impression and programmatically adjusts bids accordingly.

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