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Geo-Fencing Advertising Network - What Is It?

Geo-Fencing Advertising Network - What Is It?

Posted by:Full Force Ads on December 12, 2022

GeoFencing is a new technology that allows advertisers to create virtual fences around specific locations to target their ads at nearby people. Companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s have used this method to promote their products.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages to using geo-fencing as opposed to traditional advertising methods. First, geo-fencing is much cheaper than traditional advertising because it only costs money when users are near the fence. Second, geo-fencing is highly targeted because it only shows ads to people close enough to see them. Third, geo-fencing is very effective because it reaches people who would not usually visit a store or restaurant. Finally, geo-fencing is environmentally friendly because it uses less energy than other forms of advertising. However, there are also disadvantages to geo-fencing. One drawback is that it is difficult to measure whether or not the ads were actually seen. Another disadvantage is that geo-fencing only reaches some people who see the ad.

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