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Geofence Locations Where Customers Are!

Full Force Geo allows you to place a fence around locations that you would find potential clients. Like hospitals, car repair shops etc. gather potential customers’ phones in order to serve them ads up to 30 days after they were at your targeted location. We are able to fence areas up to 110 yards and as accurate as 2.5 inches so we won’t get people driving on the streets or in other businesses. ONLY your desired location.


Serving your ads across the web anywhere!

With our ability to serve ads up to 30 days later we are able to focus on conquesting your competitors’ customers and have them come to your locations to check our your great deals.

Sell Sell SELL!!!
Full Force Geo will push customers to your website and also to your location. We will measure website traffic AND foot traffic from customers we found at your competitors and even tell you WHERE we found them.

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