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What is Full Force Ads OTT/CTV Advertising?

What is Full Force Ads OTT/CTV Advertising?

Posted by:Full Force Ads on November 9, 2022

Because more people are watching TV online, TV audiences have decreased. With our platform, you can reach both small and large screens with household-level precision by targeting them with programmatic OTT/CTV services. Our approach also offers distinct audience targeting methods and advanced attribution for online to offline conversions.

92% of US Households are reachable with OTT/CTV programmatic advertising.

Full Force Ads OTT/CTV solution allows you to access personalized advertising to individuals in your market through first-party address lists, custom-curated reach targets, or behavioral data. Our robust location data lets you target active people in your area by connecting to them with the power of TV advertising and the precision of digital content.

One of the benefits of our digital marketing is that brands can now target their customers. No need to guess which geographic location your audience falls into -- Target people's physical areas with GPS data and serve them hyper-targeted ads.

With behavioral targeting, our platform creates precision with digital targeting and the ability to choose whom you want to reach based on their online behavior.

Our demographic targeting makes it easier to target your ideal audience. With numerous combinations of demographic variables, you can turn visitors into leads.

We specialize in reaching people right where they live by delivering your content on digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Streaming services are on the rise these days--you can recover market share by investing in programmatic OTT/CTV advertising. And that's where we come in: we're able to create customized audiences at the household level based on 3000+ location and demographic factors. A 1-to-1 approach like this gets results. You will be able to stay close to your customers by showing them digital ads that are a perfect fit for them.

At Full Force Ads, we can layer Geofencing with OTT/CTV to create a powerful combination:

  • Build unique household-level audiences by leveraging 3000+ variables in location and demographics. With high accuracy and precision, you can reach precisely the people who are interested in your business.
  • Our platform lets you see multi-location conversion data reporting.
  • We offer device-level reporting to allow you to see what types of devices are seeing your ads.
  • Zip+4-level reporting is available to see all the ZIP codes your campaign targeted.
  • You'll get detailed, keyword-level reporting that shows how your content is performing on the web.
  • Our online-to-offline conversion tracking measures your conversions- online or offline: whenever and wherever they happen!

Traditional TV advertising has been everywhere for more than five decades. Still, advertisers have never been able to accurately link TV commercials to in-store foot traffic. Aside from word of mouth, there was simply no way to tell if an in-store visitor had been served an ad on the big screen in the living room. Thanks to exact mobile technology and unmatched cross-device matching capabilities, you can be assured that you'll receive full credit for all your marketing efforts!

One of the benefits of optimized ads is that we can track what happens offline. By drawing a virtual boundary around your location, we can see how many physical customers have been served one of your ads. This allows you to track which people saw an ad and ended up in your store by following their journey online. You'll be able to see how many people came in and purchased something because they saw one of your digital ads on their TV using our OTT/CTV technology!

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