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Whitelist an email in Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook, and Yahoo

Whitelist an email in Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook, and Yahoo

Posted by:Full Force Ads on October 26, 2022

The best way to make sure you're seeing the emails you want in your inbox is to whitelist them. This will protect them from overzealous spam filters and ensure that only the right ones send to your inbox.

You can't simply rely on email providers like Gmail and Outlook to win the spam war for you. Those who are successful in email marketing know how to fight back on their own, from using anti-spam tools to improving upon open rates.

The problem is that sometimes legitimate emails get caught in the spam filter, and they get lost amongst all the junk.

Adding emails to Whitelist or Safelist is another excellent option for avoiding spam.

Whitelist or Safelist emails in Microsoft Outlook

Whitelisting or Safelisting emails in Yahoo Mail

Whitelist or creating filters in Gmail or GSuite (Google for Buisness)

Add email addresses in other providers to the whitelist

As you can see, most email providers work in similar ways. If your company uses another provider like ProtonMail, AOL, Zoho, Comcast, Rogers, Yandex, and others, then it's likely that whitelisting will work similarly.

To add Full Force Ads' email to your safe senders' list, open the email from us and look for the menu that says "add sender to safe list" or "whichever it may be on your email service."

We also know that sometimes you need help in other areas of your business, so we provide a wide range of services to ensure you're getting what you need.

Open up your spam or junk folder, and browse through the messages until you find the email from Full Force Ads. Please select the email and then choose the option that best describes it.

This should help that emails from select senders always end up in your inbox instead of being marked as spam.

You have to be proactive and keep an eye on your spam folder, which has been the behavior since email was first introduced. It's also unlikely that it will change anytime soon.

Here you can choose to either allow or block email addresses. (Whitelist)

Spam filters have improved over the past few years, but they are still not perfect. The chances of false positives is lower, but they can happen from time to time.

If we're being honest, everyone could use some help disciplining their inbox. With how much we depend on email for communication, business owners and professionals deserve a little more protection.

Now that you've been given the information you need, you should be able to whitelist email addresses through popular email services.

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